Polskie Stowarzyszenie Promocji Oświatowych OPP
  • Przedszkole Niepubliczne Motylkowa Akademia
  • Społeczna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 13 z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi
  • Liceum Ogólnokształcące Niepubliczne nr 43 z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi.

About our schools

We are a group of schools consisting of four bodies: kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools.

The group is administrated by the Polish Association for Promotion of Education and managed by the board of directors consisting of parents of the students of our schools.


Primary School No. 13 was founded in 1990 on the initiative parents. Since 1992 is located on the Wóycickiego 1/3 street, building No. 13. In 1993 high school No. 43 began operations, in 1999 it was transferred to the building No. 18. In the same year, as a consequence of the reform of educational system middle school (gimnazjum) No. 12 was established. Meeting expectations of modern education in 2011 we opened the kindergarten Butterfly Academy, thus we provide education from kindergarten to high school graduation.


Our schools are located in a closed academic campus away from the bustling city traffic. Students’ safety is ensured by the enclosed space , intercom and constant care during class outdoor activities. Students of the primary school can stay at school 5.30 p.m, where, in addition to playing under the teachers’ care can catch up with their homework. During lunch break the students can enjoy lunch in our school canteen. The school nurse is available to all who need assistance. They may ask for advice qualified educator, psychologist and speech therapist for assistance.


The atmosphere in our schools is fantastic. Pupils and parents eagerly participate in school ceremonies and events. Family picnics are our tradition. In 2011 the picnic was linked with the school reunion during which we celebrated 20th anniversary of our schools. Students can stay at school after class, to spend time with each other. We offer them movie nights, poetry nights and performances. We also Halloween, St Andrew's day and Carnival Balls.


Pupils learn in well equipped classrooms with interactive tables, computers with the Internet access and overhead projectors. In modern computer rooms not only can they have ICT classes but also study other subjects. Project work is one of the forms of gaining knowledge, learning skills and teamwork are our everyday life. One of our projects is the annual project People Who Changed The World. Coherent system of evaluation encourages students to extend and consolidate their knowledge. A small number of pupils in each class and even smaller groups during foreign language lessons ensure individual contact with teachers, which guarantees best work results.

Tutorial program and education in our schools are geared to individualisation. Science in our schools is not only lessons in a very well equipped classrooms. Teachers work with students during special interest workshops. Working with projects as a method of acquiring knowledge, practical skills and teamwork is our everyday life. One of our projects is an annual project of the People who have changed the world. The consistent rating system encourages students to enhance and preservation of knowledge. Personal contact with the teacher helps them to achieve maximum results. In addition, small classes and lessons divided into groups to give everyone the opportunity to utilize their potential. Optional activities and lessons outside the classroom extends the scope of knowledge being acquired. Under the foundations of entrepreneurship students middle school and high school, they lead their own Club Café. During breaks and during evening events you can eat and drink, whatever you feel like. Extracurricular activities and lessons conducted outside school also help to expand acquired knowledge and language skills. As the part of entrepreneurship program students of middle and high schools run their own café in the school club. During the breaks and evening events one can have a drink of fruit juice and a snack.


These days no one can function in the labour market without cooperative and language skills thus all our students study at least two foreign languages beginning with compulsory English at the beginning of their education as early as kindergarten and then can choose between French, German, Russian and Spanish. And no one is astonished when high school students learn four foreign languages. In our middle school some subjects are taught bilingually which enables fluency in the future.


SPORT at our school sports activities are a very. Daily dose of exercise is a recipe for well-being and development of young bodies. It's also the best way to discharge energy and to have fun. During PE lessons pupils can perform a range of sports, learn teamwork, get to know the taste of victory and the bitterness of defeat. All that makes up for their comprehensive development. The Program of PE in our school also includes swimming lessons, and corrective gymnastics. We have our own gymnasium and swimming pool, plus we use a large sports hall and a swimming pool in the ICDS.